Wyoming Kids First is happy to offer the following STARS approved trainings. We offer these trainings at conferences as well as for interested groups. If you are interested in hosting this training in your community, please contact us to discuss available dates. Please note that these trainings have been designed specifically for child care professionals, but can be targeted for other audiences.

Bringing Your A Game to Work

– Professionalism and Leadership: 2 hours
Bringing Your A Game to Work reveals the formula for turbo-charging your commitment to your job, and catapults you toward being a model for work ethic. Research from hundreds of companies and input from thousands of employer leaders has led to the discovery of seven essential work ethic values that make you an employee worth fighting for. We will talk through those seven values, and then identify strategies that help you bring them with you to work every single day.

PRISM: Promoting Resilience in Stress Management

– Program and Business Management: 1 hour
– Professionalism and Leadership: 1 hour

Stress is a natural and inevitable part of life. Unmanaged, stress can wreak havoc on all areas of our lives. This workshop is tailored to early childhood professionals who are especially vulnerable to the negative impacts of stress because of the demanding and intense nature of their work. Participants will learn about stressors, symptoms, and coping practices and then explore various strategies through activities and dialogue that promote resilience.

BaFá BaFá: A Diversity Simulation and Dialogue

-Family, Community and Cultural Relationships: 2 hours
Simply stated, diversity is the condition of having or being composed of differing elements or qualities. The BaFá BaFá workshop creates a situation that allows participants to explore the ideas of culture, sameness, and diversity, and follows with a dialogue about how such concepts affect the work of early childhood professionals.

The 11th Principle

– Professionalism and Leadership: 3 hours
Participants will use The 10 Principles of the Code of the West to discover: what do I believe, why do I believe it, and how does my life show it? This workshop is designed to promote teamwork through a myriad of fun and engaging activities and games about which participants will apply and discuss the 10 Principles. Throughout the workshop, participants will work to create their own Code or Principle as well as work on an organizational, community or other motto.

The 4 C’s of Early Childhood

The 4 C’s of Early Childhood

– Family, Community and Cultural Relationships: 2 hours
This training will lead early childhood stakeholders through an exploration of their community’s early childhood system. Specifically, participants will identify and discuss the components, characteristics, characters, and challenges that must be in place for an early childhood system to thrive. We will then examine the system as it currently is and explore how to move towards that ideal vision. Participants will consider actions to improve areas for children and families within their environments (programmatic changes), as well as actions to improve community support for young children and families (systemic changes). Individuals will think critically about the necessary relationships that lead to all children being valued, healthy and prepared for success in school and in life.

(Pictured: Platte County early childhood stakeholders participating in “The 4 C’s of Early Childhood” training.)

Planning for and Implementing Effective Community Advocacy

– Professionalism and Leadership: 2 hours
This training is designed to introduce child care providers to the concept of advocacy. We will identify various early childhood issues for which child care providers can be key advocates. Then, attendees will work through a ten step public advocacy planning process in which they will think critically about how to best organize and share information to achieve positive outcomes for children and families.

Fake It Until You Become It

– Professionalism and Leadership: 2 hours
This training is designed to help participants understand the power of observation and its role in how others perceive you. We will review research that demonstrates the importance of first impressions long beyond the first encounter. Then, participants will learn what it takes to make a great first and lasting impression by reviewing how appearance, body language, attitudes, and actions influence other’s perception of us and how we can control the messages we send about ourselves. We will take specific look at what child care providers can do to ensure they convey positive and professional messages about themselves and the field at large.

Grant Writing 101

– Program and Business Management: 2 hours
This training is designed to introduce participants to grant writing basics. We will discuss why the grant proposal must be part of an intentional process with planning, researching, prospecting, and relationship-building. We will then examine different types of funders, resources available to you to find these funders, and specific grant opportunities before we dig into the different sections of the grant proposal and how to successfully write each section. Finally, we will review a few specific funding opportunities for early childhood.