Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:
All children in Wyoming live and learn in safe and nurturing environments that prepare them for success in school and in life.

Our Mission:
To lead a public-private partnership in the development of an accessible and sustainable, high-quality early childhood system that supports communities and families.

Guiding Principles:
These statements reflect our commitment to support Wyoming families and communities in preparing our children for a lifetime of success and well-being. We uphold, promulgate, advocate for these beliefs as part of our comprehensive vision for early childhood work.

  • We honor families as children’s first and most important teacher.
  • Our efforts recognize and value people and communities as fundamental assets.
  • We serve as a resource within communities—not a replacement—by supplementing and extending the good work already being done locally.
  • “Readiness” describes the capabilities of children, families, physical and mental health organizations, early care and education environments, schools and communities to best promote and provide for children’s success in their first year of school and beyond. Each component plays a vital role in the preparation of our children for success in school and in life; no one component can stand on its own.
  • People support what they help to create.
  • Successful initiatives depend on a diverse set of stakeholders working together; success depends not on all partners doing the same thing, but on empowering each partner to undertake the specific set of activities at which it excels in a way that supports and is coordinated with the actions of others.