We Help Today’s Children Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

We Help Today’s Children Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Wyoming Kids First uses systems building for our child development strategy. This is a dynamic process through which families, health care providers, early care centers, schools and the broader community collectively work to form connected and effective support services for young children and families. We work at the local and state levels to create, connect and sustain an interconnected network of public and private organizations who work together to directly and indirectly bring about positive results. Our team believes that through our combined efforts, we can further our children’s development and cultivate a bright future for them.

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The earliest years are the most formative period of life

Brain development begins in the prenatal months, when the number of neurons reaches its peak. Some families promote healthy child development by supporting a mother during pregnancy, since her health and happiness directly affect fetal development. After the baby’s born, everyone helps nurture his or her development by attending to and bonding with the baby.

Babies and young children reach out for their needs, such as food and attention from others. When their needs are met, their brains develop normally. When their needs are consistently neglected, however, stress hormones accumulate and alter their brain structure, possibly for the rest of their life.

Until age 5, a child’s brain is busy making 700 neural connections per second. At this stage, their brain easily synthesizes new information and is very impressionable. This is also the ideal time to establish a solid foundation of emotional, social, cognitive, language and motor skills. As a child ages, brain growth gradually slows and connections solidify, allowing them to efficiently tackle more specialized tasks.

The first years of school are crucial for children, as well. What they learn – or don’t learn – will affect them for life. Reading proficiency is vital by the end of third grade, when they’re around 8 years old. At this point, the school curriculum shifts from expecting that children are learning to read to expecting that they not only know how to read, but are also progressing in school. Whether they graduate from high school can be predicted with reasonable accuracy by how well they read at the end of this academic year.

Children need to be nurtured in safe and healthy environments during these crucial junctures in their lives to reach their full potential. That’s why Wyoming Kids First connects people and supports children. Putting children first will increase a family’s overall well-being and create more successful students and schools, emptier prisons and a more cooperative workforce. We’re constantly looking for new events to connect with our community and children, to grow our efforts and to help provide the best learning environment for our children.

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