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Partner With Wyoming Kids First to Provide a Bright Future for Our Children

Join the communal effort we've been leading since 2009

Wyoming Kids First is a statewide nonprofit that primarily works on behalf of children up to eight years of age. We help families, communities and Wyoming identify and meet the needs of children at this critical age in their development by connecting services, supports, and resources around:

  • Family Support & Strengthening
  • Early Learning
  • Health

We also take extra steps to ensure our early childhood workforce has access to high quality training. This is just one example of the outreach our organization provides to create a community landscape that will nurture your children's healthy growth and development.
Contact us to learn more about our work. You can reach us at (307) 575-2443

It takes a village to raise a child

Children don't stop needing support as they age. That's why we align with other community partners to achieve positive outcomes and to foster childrens's growth. We spend the bulk of our time exploring how we can support communities in their vision for healthy, positive childhood experience and development. This requires a lot of facilitation, communication and partnership building. Since different communities have different needs, we work with as many people as possible to determine each community's specific needs. We partner with families, early learning environments like preschools and child cares, health programs, school districts and libraries among others.
We're proud to support working families with young children. We want to further your children's success in school and in life, so we'll work with anyone-individuals and local businesses-willing to help! You can find our school readiness information anywhere-even in gas stations. Additionally, we advocate on behalf of children and their families at the state level.

In our quest to put children first, we meet with various community entities, organizations or companies. Usually, we';; speak to the individuals in communities with passion and/or influence. After an initial conversation, we'll latere gather in a community meeting and start forming relationships that lead to vision and action for children.

Reach out to us today to learn how you can get involved in our joint effort to promote childhood education.

We never stop working

We plan to have new activities and partnerships available over the next six months, so keep checking our site for updates. It's a blessing to be able to work with our community to raise our children. Nothing could be more fulfilling to us.

Join the community conversation by contacting us today! You can reach us at   (307) 575-2443

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