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When we prioritize our children, we prioritize our future.

Help us make a difference in our communities.

Wyoming Kids First is a statewide nonprofit that primarily works on behalf of children up to eight years of age.  We help families, communities and Wyoming identify and meet the needs of children at this critical age in their development by connecting services, supports and resources around:

  • Family Support and Strengthening
  • Early Learning
  • Health
two children playing

Working Towards a Wyoming Where Children Soar

    All children in Wyoming live and learn in safe and nurturing environments that prepare them for success in school and in life.
    To lead a public-private partnership in the development of an accessible and sustainable, high-quality early childhood system that supports communities and families.

Participate With Us

Wyoming Kids First works with communities in which there is strong leadership and a desire to do better for their children and families.  We facilitate collaboration to help all partners identify a comprehensive plan for early childhood care in their community that ensures children are prepared for success in school and life.

Visit our Thinkific site to participate in professionally developed trainings that promote education and action in support of Wyoming children.

Child playing with bubbles